Technical Articles

Nanocomposites for Drug Delivery Catheters – Drug Development & Delivery
After more than a decade of evaluation in medical devices, nano-particle reinforced polymers are increasingly being sought out for tailoring performance characteristics of vascular catheters shafts. Reinforcing nano-particles affect the polymer at the molecular level to improve transmission performance properties (i.e. pushability and torque) for advancing these devices into more distal regions of the body, without affecting surface smoothness, flexibility or radiopacity of the shaft.

Foster CEO Discusses Emerging Trends in Medical Plastics – Plastics Today
The late 1980s and 1990s represented a major transition period for medical plastics. Major resin producers were scared off by litigation issues following failures of silicone implants. At the same time, markets such as catheters were just emerging and needed development partners.

Coloring Polymers for Today’s Medical Devices – Medical Design Briefs
Competition amongst device companies in the institutional market has energized the use of colors for brand recognition amongst physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers. With the rise in home healthcare, many devices are now entering consumer markets where branding and aesthetics help influence the buying decision.

Essential Ingredients for Orthopedic Implants – Medical Design Technology
The performance capabilities of orthopedic implants can be significantly increased by utilizing enhanced polymers that have been precision blended with additives using specialized processes and equipment. Long term implantable and bioresorbable polymers are enhanced with radiopaque fillers, bioactive bone growth additives and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). These enhancements can increase therapeutic effect and reduce side effects, but special equipment and processes are required to realize their full potential.