Material Development

Material DevelopmentAt Foster Corporation the material development process begins when a client contacts one of our technical sales representatives regarding a new biomedical polymer project. Providing a single and consistent point of contact for our clients, our representatives are assigned to a specific client and act as their voice within the organization, advocating for their needs to the entire development team.

At the core of our service is a commitment to developing new biomedical polymer solutions for emerging device challenges. Our engineers engage with customers early in the design process providing materials and manufacturing expertise, and fast track prototypes for evaluation. A staged development process ensures goals and timelines are met throughout the development cycle, and the process is sufficiently robust to meet quality and manufacturing requirements in production.

After the client has utilized prototype materials for their own prototype builds and design verification, material development moves to a Trial phase during which the process design is validated and production and process controls are put into place. The Trial phase ensures solutions realized in the prototype material phase can be reproduced over the long term. The introduction of document controls is a key element of the Trial phase, during which the focus shifts to control and repeatability of production.

Upon completion of the Trial phase, the technical sales representative provides the client a production quote, including unit volume pricing and lead times to be referenced on future production orders.