Foster Corporation Introduces LazerMed™ Laser Marking Technology for Medical Device Applications

LazerMed™ laser marking technology offers a permanent, easily readable and eco-friendly alternative to solvent based printing technologies for medical device applications

PUTNAM, CT  USA – (January 22, 2019) – Foster Corporation, a leader in polymer solutions for medical device and pharmaceutical  applications, introduces LazerMed™ laser marking technology which offers high resolution, durable printing capability for plastic materials used in medical devices.

Laser marking is a contact-free process that provides for ultra-fast printing that is eco-friendly (no solvents), with no pre-treatment of substrates required. In addition, there are no consumables (inks) required, as the laser marking pigments are melt blended into the polymer at the compounding step. The result is a permanent solution that can be used for injection molded, extruded and blow molded components.

LazerMed™ is manufactured using Merck EMD (Darmstadt, Germany) Iriotec™ “state-of-the-art” laser marking pigments. These pigments provide a versatile printing platform that can be used in the vast majority of plastic materials, including transparent and opaque materials, used in medical device applications. Laser marking pigments are weather durable, available for high temperature applications and have passed USP Class VI testing for biocompatibility.

Tim Largier, Manager of Research & Development at Foster Corporation states, “LazerMed™ benefits medical device manufacturers by offering an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to traditional printing techniques. It benefits users at the delivery level by providing a permanent and safe method for labeling medical devices and components.” For more information please visit Foster Corporation in Booth 2923 at MD&M West on February 5-7, 2019 in Anaheim, California.