Pre-Color Compounds

The colors shown in Table 1 to the right are a representation of the available base color options for medical device compliant pre-colored compounds. All colors were achieved only by using pigments listed under FDA 21 CFR 73 Subpart D. Custom blends of these colors are available upon request.

Pre-color compounds using medical device pigments listed under 21 CFR 73, Subpart D are available in lot sizes beginning at 25 lbs. For these orders customers may select base resin and target Pantone number, however color options are limited to variations of the provided color pallette.

Additional additives including radiopaque fillers, lubricants, stabilizers, etc. can also be compounded for specific application requirements. The addition of these ingredients may affect the color of the finished compound.

*Please note that colors may vary due to computer monitor and printer color restrictions. Additional materials, such as radiopaque fillers may also affect the color of a custom compound.