Ascend Performance Materials and Foster Corporation Announce New Hi-Dura™ MED Nylon-Based Products for Medical Market

Putnam, CT – (December 1, 2022) – Foster Corporation’s Distribution business, a leader in material solutions for the “critical application” healthcare market segment and Ascend Performance Materials, a leader in the manufacture and marketing of nylon-based materials and technologies, are pleased to announce Ascend’s new Hi-Dura™ MED grade nylon (PA) based materials for the high performance medical device market that Foster will distribute.
The initial Ascend medical product line launch consists of three products:
• Hi-Dura™ MED AG33 NT0862 (glass filled PA 6,6)
• Hi-Dura™ MED AI1 NT0861 (impact modified PA6,6)
• Hi-Dura™ MED AP NT0860 (lubricated unfilled PA6,6)
All three of the above products have been tested, and passed, for compliance to ISO 10993-5. Ascend plans to launch further nylon based medical product introductions in 2023 to compliment, and expand the initial product line.
“Foster was appointed as a distributor for Ascend in the medical market earlier in 2022, and has worked closely with Ascend in the development of this product line and is pleased to be one of Ascends marketing partners for these products.” said Larry Johnson, President of Foster Distribution. “Nylon 6,6 has been an underused material resource in the medical device community, mainly because not many nylon 6,6 producers have addressed the market up until now. Ascend has done a great job in assessing medical customer needs and coming out with an initial product line that addresses the needs they observed.”
“Foster Corporation is a well-known name in the medical device industry with a strong reputation of providing quality products and technical service” said Dhruv Shah, Ascend Global Business Manager Healthcare. “Ascend is proud to have established this relationship and we look forward to growing our healthcare business with their support.”
Nylon based products are recognized for their high-performance characteristics including high mechanical strength, rigidity, and heat stability. Applications segments include diagnostics, medical mobility, hygiene, medical packaging, surgical tools, medical housings as well as many others.
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