Our Facilities

Foster FacilitiesFoster owns and operates two manufacturing facilities within the United States, including our corporate headquarters in Northeast Connecticut and a production facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. An additional warehouse located in Putnam, Connecticut is operated by Foster Polymer Distribution and is dedicated to stocking and distributing a wide range of polymers and additives manufactured by our supply partners.

Our corporate headquarters was constructed in 2004 and offers 47,000 square feet of development and manufacturing space and our newly renovated Nevada facility provides an additional 20,000 square feet of production capacity.

Our facilities form the basis for our contingency plan for moving materials and work from one plant to the other in the rare event that one location is rendered “out-of-service”. Manufacturing capabilities in Connecticut and Las Vegas are similar, with redundant systems and protocols. If necessary, equipment can be moved from one location to another to ensure continuous supply to our customers. Significant inventory of raw materials is also retained across Connecticut and Nevada and collectively work to provide rapid response to development orders and ongoing production deliveries.

Manufacturing facilities are registered to the ISO 13485: 2016 quality management system and many of our employees have been cross trained at all locations. For more facility-related information, see Quality Assurance.

For more information on Foster Polymer Distribution, visit www.fosterpolymers.com