Toll Compounding

Toll CompoundingToll compounding services are available for material manufacturers or other customers who have developed a compound formulation and require our compounding expertise.

Our biomedical polymer manufacturing operations in our Putnam, CT and Las Vegas, NV facilities include co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging in size from 27-53 mm. A Haake R&D twin screw extruder allows for small trials and color match sampling. A range of pre and post extrusion equipment maximizes quality, consistency and throughput. Dehumidifying hopper dryers, along with dehumidifying and non-dehumidifying tray oven dryers ensure materials are properly prepared prior to melt blending. Sophisticated material blending and feeding technologies include high intensity pre-mixers, Deglomerating V-blenders, Loss-in- Weight pellet and powder feeders, and liquid feeders.  Post extrusion technologies such as strand and underwater pelletizing, sifters, classifiers and cross tumblers ensure finished materials are consistent throughout the lot and from lot-to-lot.

Our medical polymer testing capabilities include viscosity, melt flow, FTIR, capillary rheometer, specific gravity, bulk density, tensile, elongation, flexural modulus, ash testing, durometers and more.