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Biomedical Polymers and Compounds™

Stabilized & Specialty Polymers

Specialty Additives

Foster utilizes a wide variety of specialty additives to enhance specific properties of biomedical polymers. These specialty solutions are custom formulated to meet the unique demands of complex medical devices.

Foster Specialty Polymer Compounds

ProPell – Foster ProPell Low Friction Compounds incorporate proprietary surface enhancing additives into a wide range of medical grade polymers to reduce inherently high coefficient of friction, while retaining desired mechanical properties. For more information on ProPell other lubricious solutions see Lubricious Compounds

PureEase – Foster PureEase™ is a range of modified TPU polymers, specifically designed to address common processing concerns and improve consistency and production yields. PureEase™ formulations incorporate very low loadings of processing enhancements into TPU polymers for operational improvements, while maintaining desired mechanical properties. Foster PureEase™ is ideally suited for tube extrusion applications where processing stability and control of ID/OD tolerances are critical

Fostalink®  – Foster offers specialty formulations that process as thermoplastics and are cross-linked post-processing to improve temperature, tensile and durability properties for applications such as heat shrink tubing.

Hydrophillic polymers – Hydrophillic additives enhance moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of base polymers to increase breathability

Antioxidants – Antioxidants preserve the chemical and mechanical properties of medical polymers, extending shelf life

Processing Aids – A selection of specialty enhancements to improve dispersion and overall quality of compounded and extruded polymers

Others – Medical polymers can also incorporate additives such as conductive, anti-blocks, minerals, magnetic, among others


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