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Biomedical Polymers and Compounds™

Stabilized & Specialty Polymers

Specialty Additives

A wide variety of specialty additives enhance specific properties of biomedical polymers. These include:

Foster NanoMed®  Reinforcement Compounds– Nanoparticles selectively enhance rigidity and stiffness properties of medical polymers while maintaining toughness and surface finish ideal for thin-walled catheters.

Lubricants – Reduces friction properties of medical polymers; ideal for catheter working channels and component surfaces.

Hydrophillic polymers - Enhances moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of base polymer to increase breathability.

Heat Stabilizers – Minimize degradation during compounding of medical polymers or later fabrication processes that involve high temperatures.

UV Stabilizers – Minimize degradation of medical polymers due to UV light exposure, which may occur in later fabrication processes that involve UV cured adhesives, or in clinical use.

Antioxidants – Preserve the chemical and mechanical properties of medical polymers, extending shelf life.

Processing Aids – Improve dispersion of additives and improve overall quality of compounded medical polymers.

Fostalink® - Custom formulations that process as thermoplastics and are cross linked post-processing to improve temperature, tensile and durability properties for applications such as heat shrink tubing.

Others – Medical polymers can also incorporate additives such as conductive, antiblocks, minerals, magnetic and more.


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