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Biomedical Polymers and Compounds™

Press Releases

Arkema Inc. Extends Notification for Change to Medical Grade Pebax® Polymers

King of Prussia, PA -- Arkema Inc. has implemented a 12-month advance notice for product specification changes on all Pebax® SA 01 MED polymers in order to provide medical device manufacturers with the necessary time for regulatory assessment.  Previously, notifications of change for these polymers sold in the medical market were unrestricted, similar to grades sold in non-medical markets.

Foster Analytical Services Speeds Time to Market for Drug Delivery Formulations Using Hot Melt Extrusion

PUTNAM, CT, USA – (January 31, 2012) – Foster Delivery Science, a business unit for Foster Corporation, has added comprehensive in-house laboratory services to expedite the screening of early stage formulations, process development, and post-extrusion studies of solid dose drug delivery forms using hot melt extrusion.  As a contract research and manufacturing company that specializes in hot melt extrusion, Foster Delivery Science analytical services includes thermal analysis, spectroscopy,and chromatography equipment specifically designed for solid ora

Foster Introduces Custom Drug Delivery: Film and Rod

Putnam, CT, USA – (September 8, 2011) – Foster Corporation, a PolyMedex Discovery Group company and leader in biomedical materials, has introduced custom extruded film and rod from drug/polymer blends for implant, patch and oral drug delivery applications.  Working with customer specified active pharmaceutical ingredients and a range of polymer formulations, including EVA, bioresorbable and water soluble polymers, Foster is able to support customers from formulation development through clinical production of advanced drug delivery systems.

Foster Corporation Expands Implants and Drug Delivery Staff

Putnam, CT, USA – (August 10, 2011) – Foster Corporationannounces the addition of personnel to its Delivery Science business unit. These hires bring additional experience from the implant and pharmaceutical industry to support demand for the company’s emerging work in the development and manufacturing of drug/polymer blends for implant, patch and oral drug delivery applications.

Foster Builds Medical Plastics Innovation Center

Putnam, CT, USA – (February 7, 2011) – Foster Corporation announces the opening of its Medical Plastics Innovation Center. The center provides comprehensive development services of advanced polymer formulations used in leading edge medical devices. It offers polymer compounding, molding and extrusion process evaluation, and material property testing.

Foster’s Medical Plastics Innovation Center is located within the company’s Putnam, CT headquarters facility and includes a wide range of equipment for comprehensive support of medical device development programs.

Foster Offers Custom Colored Polymers for Precision Catheters

Putnam, CT, USA – (May 4, 2010) – Foster Corporation, a PolyMedex Discovery Group company and innovator in polymer technology for minimally invasive devices and drug delivery, announces the availability of custom colored medical grade polymers.

Foster Expands NanoMed™ Product Offering for Minimally Invasive Devices

Putnam, CT, USA – (February 8, 2010) – Foster Corporation, a PolyMedex Discovery Group company, announces the expansion of the NanoMed™ nanoparticle technology to include thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) formulations for the minimally invasive device market.

Foster Expands its Capabilities in Drug Delivery Polymers Through Partnership with University of Rhode Island

Putnam, CT, USA – (November 6, 2009) – Foster Corporation, a PolyMedex Discovery Group company and a specialist in melt extrusion blending and forming of highly regulated materials including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), recently announced a partnership with the University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy to expand the company’s formulation and analytical testing capabilities.

Foster's New Radiopaque Filler Delivers Improved Value for Medical Devices

Putnam, CT, USA – (September 29, 2009) – Foster Corporation, a PolyMedex Discovery Group company, introduces a new radiopaque polymer enhancement technology that offers a superior value option for the medical device industry. Marketed under the name Foster Bismuth Subcarbonate, this new radiopaque filler offers superior quality that translates to improved performance at the extrusion step of the supply chain.

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